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06-Apr-2016 00:28

After four years of her divorce, she got married for the second time with the American football star Ed Hartwell. The couple together had a son named Edgerton Hartwell, Jr., born in 2007.

After six years of their marriage, her husband Hartwell filed for divorce in August 2011 and they divorced in October 2011.

Mother has a history of spending money on herself excessively rather than providing for the children …

There was some evidence at trial that Mother implicitly participated in robbing Father in the presence of the children.

Lisa Wu Hartwell recently spoke out on her desire to fight for custody of her two eldest children, but what she failed to mention was the reason she lost custody in the first place.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has always maintained she is uncertain as to the reason she lost custody of her 2 eldest sons back in 2003 to ex-husband, Keith Sweat.

Illegitimate blogs and news sources were trying to kick up dust when they falsely stated that Lisa Wu Hartwell (“Real Housewives of Atlanta” fame) and Malcolm Jamal Warner have dumped their significant others to begin an affair, so says Hartwell’s publicist.

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This is another case of the blogs taking pictures and making vicious attacks on celebrity figures to gain hits on their sites,” Whitt said.

“A key factor of this ridiculous rumor may be the fact that [Warner] is engaged to actress Regina King and the two have been happily dating for three years.