Sex for iphone

14-Sep-2016 22:51

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Blackberry users are in second place in the sex race and Android users are lagging in third, according to the poll of 30-year-old smartphone owners. Females i Phone users; they had an average of 12.3 sex partners.Female Android owers had only 6.1 sex partners on average, and female Blackberry owners 8.8 sex partners.Blendr may also create a forum where people with sexual addictions can plan sexual experiences and carry them out in secret, prolonging and fueling the addiction instead of guiding people toward help from the powerful, complex condition.

Those emails contained nothing of interest to the FBI, but Clinton still blames Comey's announcement for Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election.

Couple a revved-up sex drive with feelings of grandiosity, and people can take all sorts of sexual risks they wouldn't ordinarily - including having unprotected sex with multiple partners. At least that's the 411 from the online dating and social networking service OKCupid.