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04-Apr-2016 16:58

SINGAPORE- It will be a colourful Christmas at Orchard Road this year.Multi-coloured Christmas trees and glittering blue snowflakes will line the shopping street from Tanglin Mall to Plaza Singapura from this Saturday.The museum, which is currently located at the Landscape Management Research Center off of Orchard Road in University Park, PA, houses turf equipment dating back to the early 1900s.Agronomy professor emeritus Joseph Duich began the collection in the 1970s and has been adding to it for almost 30 years.The museum is named after two leaders in the turfgrass industry — Thomas Mascaro (1915 – 1997) and Eberhard Steiniger (1905 – 2002).Mascaro was president of West Point Products, a turfgrass equipment manufacturer, for 55 years.Both the light-up, back for its 31st year, and the exhibition will run from Nov 15 to Jan 1.

The chefs will then grill the ingredients like seafood, meat, and vegetables over charcoal, and serve it to the customers using a long wooden paddle.The area has suffered historically from a self re-inforcing negative perceptions of the area, resulting in low house prices and low desirability of properties; the layout of the estate has been characterised as a poorly implemented 'bastardised' version of the Radburn layout, Prior to the estate's development the land was open drained farmland; the northernmost housing development was on the south side of Orchard Park Road (formerly North Carr Lane, dating to at least 1850s).