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As you know, she's engaged to boxing champ Wladimir Klitschko, who owns a penthouse in Hollywood, Fla, and she's spent a lot of time down there.

we've learned Hayden sold it for .075 MIL (thanks to celeb realtor Josh Altman).

They met through Miley’s dad – Billy Ray hosted “Nashville Star,” the reality show on which Gaston was a contestant. We will smile again." Well, she certainly smiled when new love Hemsworth, 22, popped the question in May 2012.

Despite their daughter’s young age, Miley’s parents were both happy about the relationship with Billy Ray calling it “a good thing." No surprise, what Miley and Gaston had wasn’t an everlasting love. However, “The Last Song” co-stars aren’t rushing down the aisle.

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Taylor Swift enjoyed some summer lovin’ over the last few months, proceeding at full throttle into a relationship with 18-year-old Conor Kennedy. And while his world-famous country singer girlfriend performed a track off her upcoming album, Red, at the VMAs on Thursday night, Conor most likely had to catch her performance on a TV in his single-sex dorm room.

They cuddled their way through Cape Cod – and even crashed a Kennedy family wedding. On Thursday, as 22-year-old Swift was preparing for her big performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in Hollywood, Conor headed back to high school. Meanwhile, let’s hope Swift likes football because Connor, who plays at Deerfield, has games practically every weekend through early November.

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The best part: Famously short Tom Cruise is actually the tallest person on the list. and the late Mary Kennedy, was due back at his posh boarding school, Deerfield Academy, in western Massachusetts on September 6.

One thrice married woman was bemoaning being single again at age seventy-two, and wanted a new husband. When taking stock of yourself, analyse what went wrong in your relationship.… continue reading »

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