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31-Jan-2017 17:34

Keep in mind that the more work you do in choosing a college and writing your application essays the summer before senior year, the less stressful senior year will be.

I loved everything about school: I loved my friends, I loved my teachers and I got good grades.

On Monday, her father, Steven Hunt Jr., wrote about the experience of having his daughter become the target of anti-gay discrimination and the very real possibility that Kaitlyn could go to prison simply for dating in high school: While Kate was three years older than her girlfriend, they were peers.

But when Kate’s girlfriend’s parents learned of their relationship, they went directly to the police to press charges without sharing their objections with Kate or her family…

After the relationship started, the basketball coach approached her and said, “Kaitlyn, can I talk to you?

I heard you have something going on with another female player on our team, and I can’t have that kind of drama on my team, I don’t allow it and I wouldn’t ever.

I was never a big fan of high school, but senior year will always stand out to me, especially the end of the year.

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Look, I know prom is kind of lame and never really lives up to all of the hype. You'll regret not participating even a little bit when you're older, for real.

This is important (to you and us) and sometimes stressful, which, as per usual, means we’re here to help.

Here are some very general tips for maximizing what remains of your high school career.

(NOTE: Strength is measured by your performance in the curriculum, so know yourself and your abilities; overdoing rigor and landing with Cs will not help your cause) For those of you who spent three years conquering the academics at your high school, don’t stop now.

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This is not an occasion for laurel-resting, so avoid the temptation of early dismissal AND two study halls AND those wacky electives in underwater basket-weaving.

You’ll need to get your college essay up to snuff, line up your letters of recommendation, and apply for financial aid.

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